The Perfect Indoor Plants for People with Black Thumbs

Despite your fondness for flowers and greenery, you may not be the greatest plant caretaker. Taking care of a garden isn’t an inherent aptitude, but a skill that can be learned over time. And, just like any skill, practice is precisely what you need to get better. To practice your skills of taking care of plants, we suggest you start with indoor potted varieties that aren’t too fussy and can handle a bit of drought or overwatering. If you want to give your gardening skills another try, try these beginner indoor plants, courtesy of Karen’s Flower Shop.

Spider Plant

Most beginner plants are natural air purifiers, and spider plants are no different. These plants feature long, narrow leaves that are either variegated or all green. Unless you lock your spider plant in a cold, dark garage and fail to water it, this steadfast houseplant will grow and grow and grow. It’ll do well in pretty much any light and soil condition, and it can withstand a bit of drought or overwatering from time to time.

Devil’s Ivy

These waxy, marbled leaves of deep green and cream may look like much work, but they are some of the easiest indoor plants you can get. Devil’s Ivy is also a natural air purifier and odour reducer, so it may be the perfect plant to sit on your basement windowsill. You can train these plants to climb or hang, but one thing is for sure: you’ll soon have more trailing vines than you know what to do with.


There’s a reason succulents are so popular. They’re versatile, easy, and adorable. Plus, succulents and cacti require very little care, so if you’re the type of black thumb to forget to water your plants, succulents might be the right choice for your beginner indoor garden. The main requirement of succulents and cacti is sunlight, so these plants won’t do well in a dark room or north-facing window.

Snake Plant

Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plants have thick sword-shaped leaves that dramatically shoot up into the air. These succulents come in all sizes, so you can effortlessly spruce up an empty corner of your living room or add a touch of green to your office workspace. What makes these plants so easy to care for is that they can tolerate some neglect. But, if you learn to tend to your snake plant properly, it will reward you with fragrant flowers.

Indoor plants can add texture, warmth, and brightness to any room, as well as provide sensory stimulation in an otherwise manufactured environment. Indoor plants are great for keeping you in touch with the natural world. But, if you have bad luck keeping plants alive, we suggest finding plants that match your experience level. Browse through Karen’s Flower Shop to find your next indoor plant.