The Top 7 Blooms Your Bouquet Needs for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a popular wedding season for many couples as the temperature is warm and the sun shines brightly amid amazing outdoor backdrops. With the beautiful weather comes the blossoming of gorgeous flowers; some that are popular picks for summer weddings. Flowers are an integral decoration for a bride’s big day, from the bouquets and boutonnieres, to the centerpieces on the table and tall vases placed around the venue.

A wedding is a beautiful celebration between two people, and every detail is crucial to ensure it measures up to their perfect day—including the flowers. For the 2019 summer wedding season, consider including these top 7 floral choices as part of your big day to accentuate your décor and theme with a pop of colour:


This fragrant, vibrant flower is a natural choice for summertime wedding ceremonies. Native to China, they are grown around the world for their attractive smell and their symbolism. The peony signifies happy marriages, luck, romance, and riches. Consider placing them in the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, or as part of the altar decorations to embrace their full effect.


Lavender is a versatile wedding addition, from its colourful pop of purple to its long, rustic stem. This plant accentuates the pastel hues that are favoured among brides who wed during the summer months. Also, lavender works seamlessly with modern or rustic ceremonies. The royal purple of the flower signifies grace, elegance, and precious royalty. Whether they are dried or fresh, or have stems or short buds, these diverse flowers look terrific anywhere. A touch of purple will look lovely in the bridal party’s bouquets. You can also weave the delicate stems through the flower girl’s hair, or incorporate it into the ceremony’s aisle decorations. Dried lavender should also be considered for your reception table centerpieces.


Roses are still a popular contender among the list of flowers to have in a summer wedding. After all, roses are a hopeless romantic’s must-have. This flower symbolizes love, hope, new beginnings, and promise. From bold red, to pastel pink, to traditional white, there are many colours to choose from and versatile ways you can incorporate them in your summer wedding. Just make sure you have the thorns trimmed before have the roses placed in each bouquet or corsage.


The cost effectiveness of this lovely flower strikes many brides, who also favour the delicate pastels of each tiny petal. The hydrangea represents heartfelt sincerity, and a gratefulness from giver to receiver. When a bride holds hydrangeas in front of her new husband, she is expressing gratitude toward him. For this reason, many grooms will also wear a small hydrangea to return the gratitude. Hydrangeas are often mixed with seasonal roses in bride or bridal party’s bouquets, but make beautiful centerpieces as well.


The beautiful freesia offers a delicate appearance in many different areas of the celebration. This flower is light in colour and can match an array of floral arrangements. They often compliment pastels, such as the lavender or brighter coloured roses. The freesia represents innocence and friendship, which embodies an essential aspect in successful marriages. Brides often combine them with long, green stems or soft pastels in bouquets, as well as decor. The versatility of the lovely freesias makes them a wedding favourite, as well as an addition to any flower decoration.


Creating an amazing cascading sensation, the gorgeous orchid has witnessed a rise in wedding popularity. They are one of the more pricier flower options offered at florists, but if your budget permits, the bold statement they make as they flow down the bouquets or over decorations is worth every penny. The orchid expresses love, luxury, strength, and beauty, making them the perfect addition to a summer wedding. Orchids have diverse colours and multiple ways of incorporating them as part of your big day. These plants add a touch of class, whether in a potted plant near the band, in the bouquet, or strategically decorating the altar.


Protecting against evil and ill wishes, the anemones are a favourite among 2019 summer brides. This flower is a perfect companion, as its full light bloom accents the pretty pastels around it. Its hearty stem creates a perfect boutonniere, as well as an adorable, sturdy filler for the flower girl bouquets. The panda anemones have witnessed more popularity than other types this year, as it includes a navy-colored inner center. Navy, as an alternative to black, is highly desired, creating the perfect opportunity for this accentuated flower to shine.

Choosing flowers is an essential part of planning a wedding, but you don’t have to do it alone! At Karen’s Flower Shop, we have an abundance of beautiful flowers to choose from. Contact us today and we’ll help make your floral aspirations into a reality!