What Are the Best Plants to Put in My Terrarium?

While terrariums reached the peak of popularity in the Victorian times, they have recently reappeared in modern households with as much enthusiasm. With the ability to produce diverse and complex ecosystems in beautiful containers, it’s no wonder people—from green thumbs to black thumbs—are using terrariums as a way to express their creativity and love of nature. If you’re just learning how to build your own terrarium, here are some beautiful must-have plants to start with.

Button Fern

What makes this type of fern so ideal for terrariums is its soil and humidity requirements. This small and delicate-looking fern looks like a dwarf version of the common fiddlehead or cinnamon species but is perfectly suitable for indoor spaces. It grows only a few inches in height, but its long fronds make this plant perfect for “ground” cover or for creating a ceiling over the terrarium. Button ferns love the humidity, which makes it a suitable plant for a bathroom window.

Angel’s Tears

Also known as baby’s tears, these names perfectly illustrate the diminutive and cute size of this creeping herb’s tiny round leaves and white flowers. Angel’s tears can be invasive in outdoor gardens; however, they behave themselves in terrariums with a lot of light.


If you want to add a bit of colour and drama to your terrarium, a croton can really make your glass dome pop. Bright and waxy leaves in various shades of pink, yellow, and orange with polka-dots, croton plants are relatively easy to care for and are widely available, therefore inexpensive.


This compact aloe-like succulent variety is a terrarium favourite. It’s size and water, light, and temperature requirements make this succulent an ideal choice for any kind of terrarium project you’re working on. Haworthias require bright but indirect light, adequate moisture, and plenty of drainage, all aspects of a terrarium that you can easily control.

Air Plants

If minimalism is what you’re after, we think an air plant is your soul mate. Air plants—so-called because they draw moisture from the air for hydration—are simply foolproof. You don’t even have to water your air plant to give it an excellent life. And because air plants have virtually zero root systems, they look wonderful sitting in a hanging terrarium by the window.

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