Autumn Trend Report – 2017

We admit we’ve fallen for Fall. From the leaves changing colours to pumpkin spice everything, it’s hard not to love this time of year! So we’re “harvesting” some of the trendiest ideas for this season and passing them on to our readers!

Colour Palette:

Subtle touches of burgundy reds and golds, saffron yellows, burnt oranges, forest greens, soft greys, teals and creamy whites are all the rage this year! This palette is one in a million because not only are they each individually stunning, they are extremely versatile! You can mix and match with practically any of the colours listed. Want to maintain a mid-century appeal in decor? Mix the teal with burgundy red and gold for the charm that never ages! Thinking more of a minimalistic Scandinavian look? Creamy whites and soft grey keep this modern look fresh! How about our favourite rustic chic? Saffron yellows, burnt oranges, burgundy reds with forest greens creates the classic yet elegant rustic look…throw in some gold accents and it’s drop dead gorgeous!


There’s just something about Autumn weddings that heightens the excitement – and the on-style trends for 2017 do not disappoint! A lot of brides are focusing on the classics of the 70s and 80s for inspiration in flower arrangements. Centrepieces are being revamped from the usual glass pieces to grand pedestal arrangements with the blooms of the season, perfectly placed in an array of colours from classic yellows and oranges to the very popular deep wine/burgundy and whites. These flowers create a beautiful focal point that can range from low profile to extremely large.

Also making a comeback is cascading bridal bouquets, which we absolutely adore! These eye-catching arrangements have long trails of spilling flowers that are so versatile when designed that it will fit any theme or style. It also seamlessly adds a bit of drama and class with willowy wildflowers, breathtaking roses, and even sweeping orchids. But perhaps one of the most popular choices for brides this season is incorporating flowers
into their hair. This is featured by many brides in forms of flower crowns, floral barrettes, and even scattered throughout for a more whimsical look!


But ladies and gentleman Fall doesn’t disappoint in the category of actual flowers either! During this time of the season, we have beautiful Dahlia’s, Sunflowers, Calla Lilies, Thistles, Ranunculus and Mums at our disposal. Textures, vivid colours, and cheer, how can you compete with that? Get your arrangement in a pumpkin for a wow factor that leaves your guests asking “where did you get that!?” This time of year has so many options for unique arrangements that is just left up to the imaginations of designers and customers alike! We implore you to come into our shop and customize your own centerpieces for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Fall Harvest parties. We also have a variety of beautiful outside flowers and plants to spice up your stoop – making your door the envy of the neighbourhood!

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And to all our readers, have a wonderful Fall!