2017 is the year of the succulent…and let’s face it, how could it not be? These trending beauties check a lot of boxes when it comes to an eye-catching and whimsy plant! But have you ever wondered what exactly a succulent is? Well, succulents derive their name from the Latin word “succos,” meaning juice. Thus, they are known in the botanical world as water storage plants; as they store a myriad of different juices in their leaves and/or spines (some of which even have medicinal properties).

These plants are extremely versatile in shapes, sizes and grow in an array of climates and zones across the world – from beaches to jungles and even deserts! So yes, that means that cacti, aloe vera, and even asparagus all belong under the umbrella of the succulent family! Neat, right?

At Karen’s Flower Shop, we are often asked about our succulents, so if any of the listed below appeals to you? Maybe it’s time you add some our prized succulents to your household!

Fit into any space imaginable?  ✔
Available in various colours?   ✔
Cost efficient? ✔
Drought tolerant? ✔
Great indoors or out? ✔
Unique, modern, & utterly adorable all at once? 
And of course…
No green thumb? No problem! ✔

As versatile each succulent is, so are the ways in which you can enjoy them! Why not in a unique bouquet on your special day? Or perhaps as little favors to your guests? Our incredible designers can even create one-of-a-kind terrariums to suit your unique style. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed when you bring succulents into your home, office or any special event! Be a #trendsetter and pick up your #succulents today!

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