Autumn Flowers and Plants We Know You’ll Love

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean your garden automatically begins to expire. Sure, some of your earlier blooms will start to slow down (if they haven’t already), and your annuals might be reaching the end of their life, but there are still plenty of varieties that not only survive but thrive during colder conditions. And you can keep your garden going until the very end of the season with these robust yet beautiful fall blooms and plants.


The Famous “mums” are the traditional autumn flower for a reason. They are abundant splashes of seasonal colours that make you want to snuggle up with a pumpkin spice latte and sit under a blanket on your deck. These beautiful flowers come in a wide variety of autumnal shades of purple, orange, yellow and pink. Mums can hold their own in a potted plant by your doorstep, but their profusion makes them perfect filler for Thanksgiving centrepieces.


By carefully selecting your garden flowers, you can expect full blooms of riotous shades up until the snow falls. A smart way to achieve constant flowers is to plant asters in your garden. These wonderful little daisy-like flowers shine brightly in various purple hues while the rest of the world turns yellow, orange, and red. Asters are friendly and reliable and will keep the deer away.


 It’s a shame the name is synonymous with weakness because pansies can withstand some pretty chilly conditions. These lovely, unpresuming multi-coloured flowers prefer cooler conditions to the striking heat of summer, so they make the perfect fall garden blooms. Because of their short stature, they grow well in pots or as border flowers.


 Sneezy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves may have convinced the world that goldenrods cause horrible allergies, but it’s just a myth. However, they are often regarded as weeds because they spread so profusely, so caution when planting is advised. These mustard-yellow blooms are a honeybee favourite, so we think they’re an excellent addition to the fall garden.


Looking for flaming bursts of colour? Nothing makes quite a bold statement like helenium or sneezewood. These tall plants produce orange, red, and yellow flowers, making them a wonderfully festive addition to your garden bed, whilst repelling rabbits and deer.

Spring and summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean that your gardening season is over. Plant these flowers in your garden to prolong your blooms and embrace the beautiful colours of autumn. For all your fall centrepieces and bouquets, shop at Karen’s Flower Shop.